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X Rider BMX

X Rider BMX is a free online BMX game developed by Michael Sajban It is one of many free BMX game titles available to play free on the web, through many arcade game websites. The graphics in the game are designed by Peter Scullion X Rider BMX offers two play modes, including free ride and competition. The free ride mode is a practice mode so you don’t have to race with against time. The competition mode restricts you to complete the game within 120 seconds. If you select the free ride mode, you can play for as long as you want. To gain points, the player is not only required to finish the course on time, but also perform a number of BMX stunts on his bike This free BMX game also allows the player to perform stunts while on a curved ramp. You will not be able to control the direction of the bike by pressing the arrows key This online BMX game features 6 combos that you can perform to get points. The first combo is performed by pressing 2 and X. The first combo will give you 50 points. Combo 2 is performed by pressing the left arrow keys twice. Combo 2 will give you more than 100 points. Combo 3 is performing by pressing the V key twice and the C key once. The third combo will offer you a bonus 150 points. Combo 4 is performed by pressing the right arrow and C key. The fourth combo will award you with 200 points. Combo 5 is performed by pressing the left and right arow keys. If you perform Combo 5, you will get 250 points. Combo 6 is carried out by pressing the ight arrow keys twice. The sixth combo will provide you with 300 points


X Rider BMX allows you to execute tricks with your bike by using the keyboard. The up arrow key makes the rider jump slightly on the bike. Pressing the up arrow key allows you to earn 50 points. If you press the V key the rider will jump and make a 360 degrees turn and drop on the bike again. This trick allows you to earn 150 points. If you press the X key, the rider will press the seat of the bike and perform tricks. Pressing the X key allow you to earn 200 points. If you press the B key, the rider will attempt to stand on the bike while it is moving along the path. Pressing the B key allows you to ean 215 points If you press the C key, the rider will stand upside down on his bike and you will earn 220 points. If you press the left arrow key, the bike will lean on the left and make a 360 degrees turn. A 250 bonus points will be awarded to you if you successfully perform a trick by pressing the left key. If you press the right arrow key the bike will lean on the right and make a 360 degrees turn. A 300 bonus points will be awarded to you if you press the right key. If you press on the 2 key, the rider will press his body weight against the bicycle seat and make an upside down stunt. By pressing the 2 key you will earn 300 points

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