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Stickman BMX Racing

Stickman BMX Racing is a really fun BMX game, and as simple as it may seem at first glance, it has quite few features that make this game one of the most popular BMX game titles in the Internet. The first screen you will see will show the player a simple menu where you can either RESET’ the game you’re on (in case you don’t want to return to the same game you where on), you can visit the game sponsor, see the credits, or go directly to the game When you click the ‘GAME’ button to will be taken to yet another screen before you actually see any action. In this screen, across the top, you will see an option to mute the sound and music, your score, and the amount of cash in your account. You will start the game with $1,625 credits. These credits are good for upgrades in the shop, which are described below. From left to right, the options are ADRENALINE’, this cost $450, but like in real life, an adrenaline boost will only last a short while and then fade away. Your only choice if you want to keep your character on an adrenaline boost is to keep buying these over and over. Next, there are tire upgrades, these are a worthy investment since they are permanent and will give your bike a heftier build and a better chance to complete the course on rough terrain. The third upgrade option is the FRAME’, these are little more expensive, they will give your bike a better look and feel. On the fourth slot the option exists to upgrade the ‘SUSPENSION’ for your BMX bike. Experienced BMX bikers know of the importance of a good suspension on a bike, especially on rough terrain or when performing high jumps. Last but not least there is an option to upgrade your brakes, I think everyone knows how important these are Across the middle of the screen you will see a list of achievements, of course there won’t be any when you begin to play the game, hopefully, you will achieve some as you progress in the game. Next to the achievements, you will see an image of your bike without any upgrades. You will notice that the image will have two small arrows on each side, which will allow the player to upgrade their bike altogether. The options are really expensive, and you will need to gather some credits to get your hands on one of these. Each bike has different properties regarding ‘Max Speed’, Acceleration’ and Tires’, in different combinations to suit specific needs. To the right you will see a map, when you click on it you will see an interactive map of the entire course. From here you are able to select the level you want to play in. For beginners, only the first level will be unlocked. You must complete a level before you can move on to the next


Game controls are basically composed of the arrow keys. The UP’ arrow key is the one you will use the most, it is used to accelerate. The LEFT and RIGHT’ arrow keys are used to lean the BMX bike in either direction. Then there is the ‘SPACE BAR’ to jump, and a small RESET’ button on the top right to reset the game to the beginning.

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