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Speed Demon BMX

Speed Demon BMX This is a very customizable BMX racing game. To begin with, as you hit the ‘continue’ button, the player will face a number of customization choices. First, you are able to choose whether your character will be a boy, a girl, or a robot, each of which can be further customized into a number of different characters. You will also be granted 5,000 coins to begin the game, which you may spend at your own discretion in game extras and upgrades. Of course, most players will want to immediately upgrade their BMX bike into something a little heftier, but you will need to get involved in some BMX racing before you have enough coins to do that. There are a total of five different BMX Bike models you can upgrade to, but you will need to do some serious racing to be able to upgrade all the way to number five. Once you have chosen your character type and established his appearance, you can press ‘play’, to get to the next screen. This is a map layout of the entire game. All levels, except for the first one will be locked. You need to win a race in each level in order to unlock the next. There are a total of six different racetracks or settings, and each racetrack has three different courses. You will begin in the village, and work your way to the ‘Tomb’, which is the last and final track. On each race you will face three or four competitors, which you will need to beat in order to move on to the next level. Gold will only be gathered your first time around the track, it is unlikely that your character will be able to gather any more gold while racing the same track on a second round. The game will remember the level your on, even if you quit the game and turn off your computer. Next time you engage this BMX Racing Game in this particular website, you will be able to pick up where you left off. Meaning, the levels you had already unlocked will remain unlocked, BMX bike upgrades will remain on the screen, and your gold coins will still be there. You can always go back and play any of the previous levels, but this will be primarily for fun, since you will hardly be able to collect any additional coins by racing on levels you’ve already won. Racing the bike will take some getting used to, you will note that it will gather a great amount of speed quickly, and lean back and forth with the slightest touch. We recommend a great deal of practice with the lower level bikes before making an upgrade. If you fall, your character will be taken to the latest checkpoint to start over. This means you will lose your hard earned advantage against other players. However, this is also true for your opponents, who will also fall and be taken to the latest checkpoint.


This game uses the keyboard keys for player input. The LEFT key will Lean forward, the RIGHT key will Lean backwards, the UP key will Accelerate, and the DOWN key will Brake. Every time you perform long jumps, BMX Stunts and tricks your character will accumulate stamina, shown in the bar graph in the upper left hand corner. This stamina may later be used as a booster when you need it, to release this energy, and boost your speed hit the SPACEBAR.

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