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BMX Ramp

BMX Ramp This is a rather simple BMX game to play free online. The setting is an outdoors BMX ramp, where you, the biker must make use of your bike to perform various BMX tricks and stunts for everyone to see. You will be judged by the complexity of the BMX Stunts you make, a simple turn for example will not yield as many points as a backflip. You must try to balance the bike and make room in the air for a comfortable landing, or your character will fall off the bike and lose a turn. The trick to this game lies in the speed of the bike in motion, the more speed you gather on the way up the ramp, the higher you will take off when leaving the ramp on the edge, hence the more room you will have to perform a backflip or a turn. You get three chances per game, on the third fall, it’s game over. You can always play another game, after. it’s free. There are two modes of play, the first, and less stressful one is of course FREE PLAY. In this mode you have all the time in the world to do your thing on the ramp, the game will only end once you fall three times on off the bike. The other mode of play is COMPETE MODE, very similar to free mode, only that you will also race against the clock, and have 60 seconds to perform as many stunts as possible, thus as many points as possible before time runs out.


This game uses the arrow keys to control the BMX Bike. The UP arrow key will gather speed, while the DOWN arrow key is used for jumping, turning and performing a side flip. On the other hand, the A key will activate the Superman Flip, the S key will rotate the handle of the bike, and the letter D on the keyboard will yield a Batman flip.

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