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BMX Extreme Stunts

BMX Stunts Extreme offers two modes of game play, including compete game mode and free game mode. In compete game mode, you are given 1 minute to play the game. During the 1 minute time frame, you must try to obtain as many points as possible. If you fail to perform any trick during the 1 minute time frame, you will lose. In the free game mode, you are not restricted to a time frame. In order to get the maximum points, you must perform all kinds of tricks. There are a number of ramps in the game. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is an End button. If you click on the End button, you will be redirected to the main menu. Each time you successfully perform a trick, you will be awarded with points. Your score is displayed on top of the screen. Besides the timer, bonus and points are also displayed on the screen. When you perform a bike trick, the name of the bike trick will be displayed. For example, if you perform the backflip, the word “Backflips” will be displayed so that you know what bike trick was just executed. To perform a backflip, you have to ride your bike up to a tall ramp. While at the highest point of the ramp, you must quickly perform the backflip. If the ramp is too low, you will fall down when attempting to perform a backflip. The superman flip can easily be attempted in both low and tall ramp. The ramp should not be close to another ramp otherwise you will fall down. The batman flip will make your bicycle turn 360 degrees from sideways. After you have performed the batman flip, you must let go of the C key as your bike drop to the platform. If you keep on pressing the C key, you will fall down. Pressing the up arrow won’t make you fall down while performing the batman flip.


To move forward, you must press the up arrow key. If you want to perform a side flip, you must press the down arrow key. To perform back flip, you must press the up and left arrow key. The backflip will cause your bike to jump up in midair and make a 360 degree turn. The superman flip can be performed by pressing the up arrow and Z key. The superman flip will make the rider get up from his seat and use his hand to press on the handle of the bike to support his weight. The batman flip can be carried out by pressing the C key. If you want to rotate the wheel, you can press the down arrow and X key. By doing so, the bicycle will turn around to the opposite direction.

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