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BMX Stunt Park

BMX Stunt Park is an original online BMX game, which features a girl with ponytail as the main character of the game. Another aspect of this free BMX game which is likely stand out from other games in this genre is that players will get a chance to play the game from a bird’s eye view. The game also features several wooden ramps that you have to ride in this game on your way to completing all the challenges presented by the application. In BMX Stunt Park game, the bike rider moves at a faster speed. Because the bike moves at a faster speed, it is harder to perform the stunt. To perform a stunt, you have to practice playing the game numerous times. As in all BMX games online, a lot of practice will be required before you can play the game with confidence. When you keep practicing playing the game, you will find a way to successfully perform the stunt. If you want to perform a trick, you must go up or down a ramp first. While you are at the peak of the ramp, you must quickly press on the key that triggers the bike trick. You must press a combination of the up arrow key and the key that triggers the bike trick for example D so that the rider will perform the specific trick. When attempting to perform a trick, make sure you don’t ride the bike at a fast speed otherwise you will fall down. Instead, you must ride the bike at moderate speed so that you can maintain your balance and land on the platform safely.


In BMX Stunt Park game, it is easier to turn the bike by using the arrows keys on the directional keypad. Players use the up arrow key on the keyboard to move the bike forward. If you keep on pressing on the right arrow, the bike will make a 360 degree rotation from right side. Similarly, the bike will rotate from the left side if you keep on pressing the left arrow key. This makes it easier for you to turn the bike to a different direction. To make the bike jump over an obstacle, you can press on the spacebar. The superman trick can be done by pressing the S key. If you want to bike to perform a tail-whip, you can press on the D key. To perform a backflip, you should press the A key. At the end of the game, you will be given an option to enter your name and post your score. The rider has to complete the game in 90 seconds. Within this time frame, you must perform all kinds of tricks. When you perform a trick, you will be rewarded with additional score points. The more tricks you perform, the more score points you will be awarded. If you fall down when performing a trick, you won’t be rewarded any points. If you want to play the level again, you can click on Restart on the top right corner of the screen. After clicking on Restart, your score will be reset and you will be redirected to the beginning of the level. To mute the music, you can click on Stop Music beside Restart. As the game progresses, the timer will keep on reducing.


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