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BMXGAMES123.COM includes a number of flash multimedia applications, mostly games, as content to entertain it’s visitors. The games included in BMXGAMES123.COM have been collected from free sources, including developer sites, forums, or directly by email message from the game copyright holder and considered to be public domain. In no way does BMXGAMES123.COM claim to to have part, or full ownership of these games. BMXGAMES123.COM does not claim to have participated in the development of such games, unless otherwise specified through the splash screen at the beginning of each game. All flash content has been acquired through free website sources, which freely offer content for distribution with the purpose of promoting their own website or service by means of a link back within the application itself. However, the inclusion of a link back, or an advertisement of some sort leading to the game sponsors within the game application is done on the developer’s discretion. BMXGAMES123.COM does not make any effort to modify or remove any part of the games, and are posted intact, as they where when we found them. BMXGAMES123.COM does reserve the right to include games with excessive advertisement, or replace an existing game with another if we feel the newer version reduces the quality of game play a great deal.


The games provided by this site are considered to be public domain and comply with second party site’s policies. BMXGAMES123.COM means to be respectful of copyright holders. All games mentioned in this site are copyright (c) of their respective owners. No breach of copyright is intended through the use of the game names and related materials. Should any of the copyright holders object to any of their material being used in this site we will be happy to remove them.