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BMX Pro Style

BMX Pro Style One of the attractive features of BMX Pro Style is that it allows you to customize the biker name, helmet, T-shirt, trunk and shoes. You can give the rider any name you want. To enter a name, you simply use your mouse cursor to select “Biker Name” and type in a new name. The new name that you typed will be displayed in place of the “Biker Name. The shoes are available in 5 different patterns. As you make the customization, you will be able to see the changes done to the biker. You can choose from 7 types of helmets and T shirts. There are 4 trunks that you can choose from. No matter how you customize the biker, the biker will still be susceptible to same kind of risks when riding the bike. The types of helmet, T-shirt, trunk or shoe you choose will not affect the game play mode. Under the tracks option, you will see a tick beside the game instructions. You can choose from two bike tracks, the first track has a cars background. The second track, there is a large curved ramp. If you enable the game instructions, you will receive helpful tips throughout the game on how to go forward, mostly in the form of arrows. The arrows are optional and may be disabled by the player. They are enabled by default, to disable, just click the X on the screen. There are two modes of play, ‘Hard Style’, and ‘Easy Style’. The hard and easy style can be performed while you are riding the bike up a ramp. The hard style will show the rider putting both feet near the front wheels. The easy style will show the rider get up from his seat just slightly.


The movement of the BMX bike is controlled by keyboard input. If you want to move forward, you must press the up arrow key. If you want to move backward, you have to press the down arrow key. BMX Pro Style also allows the players to lean their bikes left or right. To lean your bike to the right, you should press the right arrow key. If you want to lean the bike to the left, you have to press the left arrow key. To perform the hard style, you must press the W key. In order to perform the easy style, you have to press the D key. If you want to break the bike by using the front brake, you can press the X key. To use the rear brake, you must press the Z key. When you press the X or Z key, the bike will stop and won’t move. When performing a trick, make sure you maintain the balance of the rider otherwise he will fall down.

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