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BMX Freestyle Tricks

BMX Freestyle Tricks is a great BMX racing game sponsored by Braun, hence the additional options for hairstyle at the beginning of the game. The first screen the player sees is the “Shave your style” option screen, where the player gets to choose an appearance for his biker character from more than a dozen different options. This screen also allows the player to enter a name for his character on the top left hand corner of the screen. Once these options are selected, you can review the rules and information on how to play the game by clicking the “How to Play” bottom on the bottom left, or go straight to the action by clicking “Play Game!” on the bottom right. Be aware the lower half of the game screen is purely advertisement and irrelevant to actual game play. If interested in any of these ads, go ahead and click them, you will be re-directed to the sponsors website. The object of the game is quite simple, and very similar to most BMX racing games. Race your BMX bike to the end of the path while performing as many BMX tricks as you can along the way, and complete all ten levels. Falling down will not end the game, as you will get a few chances to get back on the bike and finish the run. However, if you crash on water or run out of time on the clock, it will be the end of the game. The time left over in the clock will be combined with the amount of tricks you made during your ride to the finish line in order to come up with a final score. Your score will be given a color rating, and you can choose to retry each level by choosing the same level again at the end of each run. There are some BMX tricks you can perform, which will yield extra points. Big Air, for example will yield an additional 1,000 points. To accomplish this trick you just need to make a high jump in your bike and stay in the air long enough in order for it to be considered big air. The traditional BMX Backflip will score an additional 1,250 points, while the Front-flip will yield 2,000 points. Turning your bike around 360 degrees (by pressing the Space Bar and the DOWN Key), or performing a Tail-whip (by pressing the Space Bar and the LEFT arrow key) will award you 750 points. A Superman Flip will award the player with 1,000 points, and last a Table Top 300 points. It is also a good approach to combine some of these tricks in order to increase the score multiplier, which translates in a much higher score for you.


To get your BMX bike up and running press the UP arrow key to go forward and the Space Bar to jump. Special combinations of keyboard keys will yield special tricks, click on the “Trick Guide” before each race to learn more on how to activate each one. Pressing the UP arrow key for the first time will start the race.

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