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BMX Boy Bike Game is one of the most popular free BMX games that have been made available for the public. The goal of the player is to attain the highest score by performing all kinds of bike tricks. You don’t have to complete the level in order to win the game. You can perform the bike tricks in any location on the level. BMX boy Bike Game is easy to play because you don’t have to ride up the traditional BMX ramp to perform a stunt. When jumping over an obstacle, make sure you gather some momentum from a certain distance before you reach the obstacle. You won’t be able to jump over the obstacle if you suddenly stop in front of it and then try to jump over it. When you fall, you will lose points. Each time you fall, 1000 points will be deducted from your score. For example, if you have scored 100 score and fall down, your score will be reset to zero. When riding the bike up the ramp, make sure you don’t go to fast otherwise you will fall down and lose points. Instead, you should ride at moderate speed so that the bike won’t crash and cause you to fall down. You must always maintain the balance of the bike. If your bike is slanted towards the right, you have to press the left arrow key until the bike is level. If the bike seems as if it is slanted towards the left, you must press the right arrow to make it level so that it will fall down safely. When the bike is going up a ramp, you must press the left or right arrow key to help the rider to maintain balance. If you don’t press the right arrow key, you will fall down. At the end of the game, you will be given option to record and submit your score. Your score will be available for everyone to see at the high score board. The time elapsed is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. The score is displayed on the lower left corner of the screen.


BMX Boy Bike Game allows you to earn points by performing high jumps. The movement of the BMX bike is controlled by keyboard input. Getting started is as easy as learning to move the bike forward by pressing the right arrow. You can perform special tricks by using the 1— 9 keys on a numeric keypad. To jump, you must press the spacebar. The timer is located on the lower right corner of the screen. In each level, you will be given 2 minutes and 58 seconds to reach the finishing point. If you do not finish the level within the time limit, you will lose. The score is recorded on the lower left corner of the screen. If you want to change the direction of the BMX bike, you must press the spacebar and up key. By pressing the spacebar and up arrow key, your bike will rotate sideway in midair. When the bike has rotated to the opposite site, you must let go of the spacebar and up arrow key.

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