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BMX Backflips Stunt Game

BMX Backflips Stunt Game offers 12 types of practice levels including warm up, jump the chasm, backflip training, assault course, star catcher, half pipe, time trial, beat the bird, avoid the stars, beat the butterfly, collect all the stars, deliver the packages and tail wind. In the warm up level, you need to ride the bike to the finishing point within a time frame. In the backflip training level, you need to perform at least one 360 degrees backflip and reach the finishing point before the timer runs out. In the star catcher level, you are required to collect 2 stars that are located in mid air. To collect the stars, you need to lean back while cycling on the ramp. In the half pipe level, you must perform three backflips while riding in the half pipe. When riding over the obstacle, you can press the up arrow key so that the front wheel will be lifted up. In the jump the chasm level, you need to jump over 2 ramps that are located within a short distance from each other. In the assault course level, you will face with many obstacles. In the time trial level, it will be harder to ride on the land. In addition, you will face with obstacles such as stones. To win the level, make sure you don’t ride the bike at a high speed otherwise you will fall down. In the beat the bird level, you must race with the bird to the finishing point. When you encounter a bowl, you can use the brake to provide balance for the bike. In the beat the butterfly level, a green butterfly will race you to the finishing point. To win this level, you must ride faster than the butterfly and reach the finishing point in time. BMX Backflips is one of the most dangerous BMX Stunts you can perform and in this free bike game that is what you have to do. Jump on your favorite bike and hit the street to perform as many backflips as you possibly can. The better the tricks the more likely you will achieve the high score in this free game. There are 12 different levels in this game, one harder than the next, where you will need to put your skills to the test, such as forward flips, backward flips and star catching.

As you continue on playing the game, you will encounter the deliver the packages level, where you will find several packages in different locations. Your goal is to collect all the packages and reach the finishing point within a time limit. This online BMX game also features an avoid the stars level, where you have to jump across the red star. If you touch the red star, you will lose a life. This level requires you to use your brakes to maintain the speed of your bike. This is not that hard to do if you time the speed of your bike correctly. In the tail wind level, the weather will be windy. The window weather causes your bike to fly slightly in the midair so that the wheel cannot stay on the ground. The player has to keep their wheels level while in the midair. The finishing point is marked by a red sign. The player is given 3 lives from the beginning of the game. If you fall down, you will lose a life. When all the lives are gone, the game will be over.


The left and right arrow keys can be used keep the bike in a balanced position. In order to perform a 30 degrees backflip, you must press down the left and up arrow key when you are going off a ramp. On ocassion, you might find it useful to use the DOWN arrow key to put on the brakes.

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